How we Help

Core RMS

Integrated software that works where and how you do.


Fit your Workflow

Bipsync Core RMS is a tightly integrated suite of apps and plugins designed to suit your workflow needs. You work the way you need to in order to get things done, and we optimize it.

Whichever way you choose to get your data into Bipsync, you can be confident that your research is always stored, synchronized and accessible wherever and whenever you need it.

  • Plugins sync updates from Excel, Word and PDF, as you work.

  • Email into Bipsync with a quick CC or via the Outlook plugin.

  • Use the Web Clipper to capture articles, without leaving your page.

  • Keep updated via email with notifications and subscriptions.

  • Apply labels, tickers and other tags via any workflow.

  • Use the web app, iOS app or desktop app to access research where and when you need it.

Research Your Way

Want to create notes in the iOS app, sync your Excel models from your desktop, and receive a notification in your inbox when a Bipsync entry is updated? No problem.


It’s easy to email information in and out of Bipsync. Simply add a CC to an email or use the Outlook plugin to tag, organize and save data in Bipsync directly from your inbox. Share notes with your team, add comments and get notified on important research updates all via email.


Our suite of plugins sync your models, research reports and documents to Bipsync as you work. Streamline your existing workflow with our Excel, Word, PDF and Outlook plugins, safe in the knowledge your most up-to-date work is saved, logged and accessible.

Web Clipper

Capture the information that matters, when you see it. Install the Bipsync Web Clipper into your browser and save news and research from the web without logging in. You can even share clips and apply tags without leaving the page you’re reading.


Note-taking in Bipsync is simple, fast and intuitive. Get a consistent user experience across the web, mobile and desktop that analysts love. Bipsync note-taking delivers all the usability of popular consumer productivity tools, with purpose-built research features – powerful search, offline sync, auto-tagging, versioning and keyboard shortcuts – that investment professionals need.

Application Suite

Our web, iOS and desktop apps ensure that you always have access to your research, via the app that’s most convenient to you. Choose the one that works best for you, when you need it, confident your content is available and your work is captured and up to date across Bipsync.

Secure API for Integrations

Our comprehensive API opens up endless possibilities for integration. Push and pull research data, request back-ups and plot and display data from other systems on your dashboards, so both you and your data are always connected.

Our getting started guide introduces you to the basics of the Bipsync Research Management System, including research creation, organization and fund collaboration.