Introducing Research Automation: Research Management Software that enhances investor productivity & fund collaboration.

Research Management for Modern Investors

Research Management Software (RMS) makes it easy to find and share your notes, files, contacts and data. It’s also a hassle to properly populate and maintain. Bipsync ties an RMS to an intuitive digital notebook, enabling automation by bringing key workflows together. Bipsync saves you time by keeping your company list organized, your notes backed up, your team synchronized with notifications, and more.

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Organize and collaborate on your investment research with Bipsync RMS.

Built for the Enterprise, Designed for People

Investors have always faced a difficult choice between intuitive-but-risky consumer software or safe-but-confusing enterprise Research Management Software. Bipsync bridges the gap, meeting the technical demands of the enterprise with the familiarity of popular consumer software.

Productivity for the Analyst

Be faster and more informed. With note-editing features, company ticker auto-recognition and subscription notifications.


Insight for the Portfolio Manager

Get a better understanding of your research process and performance, identify outdated research and uncover latent investment opportunities.


Capability for the Technology Officer

All the usability and integration points of modern consumer software, with enterprise-level security and configuration features.


Peace of Mind for the Compliance Officer

Give your analysts the tools they want without compromising compliance. Bipsync takes care of versioning, logging, archiving and more.

Available Everywhere

Securely access your fund research from any device. Our modern web platform and iOS app means you can create and view notes on the move, and get the real-time content updates you need, wherever and whenever it matters.