About Us

Our Approach

Research Management Systems have become synonymous with expensive, clunky and complex IT.  We created Bipsync to be the antidote to that.

The user experience is at the heart of what we do. We use modern technologies, agile processes and user-centered design to drive speed, agility, quality and efficiency into our customers’ research processes.

Software You Want to Use

Our software is obsessively designed for our users. That’s how we deliver a secure and compliant research environment that analysts want to use. This means every product feature, design detail and new function we introduce must be intuitive, easy-to-use and above all inherently useful and valuable to the user.

To make a feature-rich enterprise product that doesn’t feel like hard work to use, actually takes a lot of hard work. We pay constant attention and consideration to every change, every single day; our UX, interface design and content experts help guide each design decision.

This all adds up to research management software with high analyst adoption and engagement. And only when RMS is used, can its value be felt across the fund.

Modern Technology, Agile Processes

Our modern technology sets us apart; from the way our software is designed, developed and consumed, to the underlying technologies we use. Unlike legacy RMS, still trying to modernize traditional technologies, Bipsync was built from the ground-up to be a modern platform; mobile, cloud-ready and tightly integrated and automated. There’s no trace of complicated, legacy infrastructure hold-backs here.

We use agile delivery models with modern software development techniques including iterative development, test automation, continuous integration and automated infrastructure. This allows us to operate in continuous delivery, ensuring customers receive frequent, quality software updates without delay or disruption. It’s this combination of modern technologies and processes that sees us bring new efficiencies to investment professionals and agility to fund IT.

For Investment Professionals

When it comes to investment research management we know you need a focused, vertical approach to meet the full range of industry requirements and optimize specific industry workflows. Bipsync was founded by software experts and investment professionals, for investment professionals.

From built-in compliance reporting and integration with critical data sources and portfolio systems, to auto-tagging, pipeline analytics and keyboard shortcuts to suit analyst working methods, Bipsync is purpose-built for the demands of the asset management industry.

We’ve worked closely with fund analysts, portfolio managers and compliance professionals to iterate the interface over many years, and continue to do so, to ensure every new feature and workflow matches the business needs of today’s modern funds and their professional investors.