The Research Platform for Investment Management

Deployment and Support

Our technical and customer success teams deliver tailored support and services to ensure your fund's research management initiative is a success. 

Whether you choose our turnkey software solution that can be installed in minutes without IT, or a more configurable solution for larger funds with sophisticated IT capabilities, Bipsync’s deployment and support services accelerate user adoption and help you get the most out of your research.

Fast and Accurate Data Migration

Our technical team follows a clear and proven process to ensure a smooth transition to your new system whether you need to migrate a decade’s worth of data from an existing RMS, disparate notes from a collection of consumer tools or information from your own proprietary systems. Even for the most complex of data sources, you can be confident our robust, comprehensive and efficient migration services will meet your fund’s needs.

Download our free migration guide to learn more.

Fully-Managed Infrastructure

All Bipsync Pro and Enterprise plans are hosted on secure, dedicated single-tenant installations with failover, automatic back-up and configurable Virtual Private Cloud. Our host network is ISO 27001 certified and adheres to security management best practices and comprehensive security controls following ISO 27002 best practice guidance. Leverage configuration options to scale with your needs including back-up configuration, geographic hosting options and network configuration.

Speak to one of the team to discover the right deployment and installation options for your fund.

Software that's Always Up-to-Date

Bipsync operates in continuous delivery, which means updates are fast, timely and seamless. This approach removes the overheads usually associated with IT maintenance and lengthy product updates, enabling you to focus on getting the most out of the software, rather than running it.

All release notes and updates are published to our website.

Configured for your Fund

There are a wide variety of enterprise features and configuration options available. Our comprehensive API opens up endless possibilities for integration with your internal systems, data and processes. Push and pull research data, request back-ups and plot and display data from other systems on your dashboards.

Get in touch to learn how Bipsync can be configured to meet the needs of your fund.

Customer Success and Support Services

24/7 Support

Bipsync provides a full enterprise Service Level Agreement (SLA), including an option with a dedicated customer account manager for funds wanting regular, hands-on support services and counsel. Our 24/7 service desk provides support and advice for your whole team, when they need it.

Onboarding and Training

Bipsync’s intuitive design makes is simple to use from the outset, but we know that having someone on-hand to walk you through the features and ask questions makes a big difference. Bipsync provides one-to-one and one-to-many onboarding sessions for individuals and teams, in addition to meeting your ongoing training needs both onsite and online.