Bipsync RMS

The integrated research environment that delivers consumer-like user experience and agility, with enterprise security and compliance.

Research that Performs

Bipsync integrates a Centralized Research Database, intuitive note-taking and organization tools, and an Ideas Pipeline, for research that’s always ready to perform at its best when and where you need it; connected, compliant and always accessible.

With Bipsync your team is synchronized, your research organized, and your fund is compliant and in control.

How we Help
  • Centralized Research Database.

  • Integrated Note-taking, Organization and Automation.

  • Task Manager and Ideas Pipeline.

  • Team Collaboration.

  • Plugin Suite and Mobile Apps.

  • Powerful Pipeline Management and Scoring.

  • Compliance Management and Reporting.

  • Analytics and Dashboards.

  • IT Admin Panel, API and Configuration.

Stay Connected and Compliant

Connect all your research data, teams and workflows from a unified productivity environment.

Learn more on how Bipsync’s tightly integrated RMS can help your fund maintain compliance and simplify audit requests.

Bipsync Benefits, Your Edge

Purpose-built for investment management, with Bipsync RMS your firm can:

Stay organized without the effort

Intuitive, automated and integrated note-taking and organization tools capture, share, tag and aggregate research across channels and speeds up routine tasks.

Maximize the value of fund knowledge

Centralize research across the firm into collective knowledge with a single source of truth for your research assets – enriched, organized and mapped across multiple dimensions.

Simplify compliance

Meet and demonstrate compliance with a complete audit-trail of research activity, auto-logged, versioned, and easily queried for fast, simplified reporting.

Get the bigger picture

Stay up to date with fund activity streams, and define, track and measure progress and performance along your research process with analytics, insight reports and visualizations.

Empower analysts

Analysts get a tool they love to use, and work faster and smarter with a great user experience that’s mobile, efficient and compliant.


Optimize your workflow

Bipsync fits into your workflow. Email notes in and out, export PDFs, clip web pages and use our plugins for a fully connected research environment.