Research Management Software for Modern Investors

Enhance analyst productivity, simplify compliance and get more out of your research.

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The Platform that Powers your Research Process

Only Bipsync combines a centralized, easy-to-use RMS with powerful process management and data integrations in a scalable, highly configurable platform built for investment management.

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Research Without Compromise

Say goodbye to research silos, non-compliant consumer tools and restrictive Research Management Systems. Get the user experience analysts crave, with the visibility, compliance and control your fund needs.

Productivity for Analysts

Control for CTOs

Confidence for CCOs

Insight for PMs

See Bipsync in action. Discover what a smarter, more connected research experience can do for your fund.

Available Everywhere

Securely access your fund research from any device, anywhere. Our Core Research Management Software integrates a web app, iOS app, desktop app and suite of plugins so you can create, compare and consume research on the move, and get the real-time content updates you need, at the office, at home or on the move.

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Streamline Workflows, Measure Results

Put disjointed workflows behind you. Bipsync fits into your flow and optimizes it: email notes in and out, web clip, sync Excel, PDF and Word, integrate with your internal systems, and more.

Get analytics and insights into your investment pipeline to further streamline your research. Track research by stage, tasks and composition; eliminate bottlenecks, prioritize and score ideas, measure progress and monitor research efforts as they relate to portfolio investments.

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