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Process Management

Optimize research processes from idea to investment

Power your Research Processes

Apply automated process management and synchronize portfolio and external data sources with your centralized RMS to accelerate research workflows end-to-end.

Bipsync’s Process Management Suite is proven to uncover operational efficiencies across the research lifecycle and help deliver a repeatable, rigorous and consistent approach to investment research decisions at your fund.

  • Define, score, progress and measure research tasks and activity with integrated task management, automation rules and pipelines.

  • One-click access to content and context related to a position or company, with custom data inputs and visualizations.

  • Run real-time queries and report on anything in Bipsync for insights and analysis into performance.

  • Customize dashboards, aggregate and configure data points with values from your PMS, Excel models, Bloomberg and more.

Process Management Suite

Get a more in-depth understanding of research timelines and performance, standardize, score and monitor your entire research process, and more.

Customize Dashboards, Aggregate Data

Capture quantitative fields in a single system of record, aggregate internal and external data and display custom content on detailed dashboards, tailored to your needs.

Customize individual dashboards and grid views for any and every type of content – company, contact, idea, etc. –  with all input and visualization components completely under your control.

The Dashboard Editor opens up countless opportunities to aggregate your data and display custom content for your fund’s specific requirements. Get in touch to learn how Bipsync can be configured to meet the needs of your fund.

Set Rules, Progress Workflows

Create powerful custom automations for your research. Fully configurable to your fund, you’ll find endless possibilities for applying Research Automation Rules to your processes to help standardize workflows, enhance productivity and automate tedious and time-consuming tasks.

Want an automatic summary list of all your tasks at the end of the day? Email overdue tasks to the PM once a week? How about the ability to share tasks that match certain conditions with a particular user group? Rules can automate all of that and a lot more.

Assign, Automate and Integrate Tasks

Assign, progress and view tasks and all associated context in one place, as part of an integrated research process.

Lightweight and easy to use, individuals and teams keep project momentum moving forward, without intrusive or cumbersome processes getting in the way of workflows. Apply any combination of automation rules or notification preferences to tasks to support your fund’s specific workflows.

Build Actionable Pipelines

Better understand and analyze the effectiveness of each investment stage, uncover latent opportunities, discover new trends and identify bottlenecks with our feature-rich pipeline management.

Pipelines and scoring help analysts know “what’s next” for each idea across qualification stages and automate diligence, while PMs get a window into who is working on what and at what stage of the investment process.

Speak to one of the team to discuss how Bipsync can help automate and score your specific research stages, progress idea workflows and analyze results.