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Research is where every investment begins. The performance of your fund relies on it. Yet all too often, research relies on outdated research management systems, siloed technology or 'BYO' consumer apps.

We think your research deserves more than this.

Get More out of your Research

Funds no longer have to ‘make do’ with consumer software that jeopardizes fund compliance, or settle for a secure-but-complex research management system that restricts analyst productivity.

Bipsync’s modern Research Management Software (RMS) combines the user experience and productivity tools modern analysts demand, with the operational excellence a compliant fund needs. So you can research without compromise.


  • An integrated research productivity environment that analysts love to use.

  • A fast, secure and intuitive mobile experience.

  • Built-in industry compliance standards for record keeping, data management and more.

  • A CCO portal for compliance reporting and management.

  • Advanced configuration and control for technology officers.

  • Analytics, dashboards, pipeline management and idea scoring for fund managers.

The Research Management System
that Works Across the Fund

From CTO to CCO, Portfolio Manager to Analyst, Bipsync helps you realize the value of your research fund-wide.

Productivity for Analysts

Save time, streamline your workflow and boost productivity with software that simply works where and how you do.

Bipsync removes the burden of compliance and reporting for analysts, while time-consuming, tedious admin tasks are automated, so you can get on with what you do best. With our intuitive note-editor features, mobile app, email integration, subscription notifications and integrated workflows analysts are faster, and more informed than ever.

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Control for the CTO

Get all the usability and integration points of modern consumer software, with the enterprise-level security and configuration tools you need.

Bipsync eliminates the need for supplementary consumer note-taking tools and mobile productivity apps, enabling end-to-end data capture of all research activity. Integrate Bipsync with internal systems, data and processes and stay in control with fully customizable access policies, authentication and authorization controls, and granular security and configuration.

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Confidence for the CCO

Give analysts the tools they love to use, without compromising compliance.

Logging and versioning is automatically taken care of with Bipsync, so you meet key compliance requirements for research – data management, electronic recordkeeping and more – from the outset. And with our purpose-built compliance portal, CCOs get unmatched accessibility, management and control of fund-wide research activity, making it quick and easy to review and export research and reports.

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Insight for the Portfolio Manager

Bipsync provides complete visibility into the entire research process for Portfolio Managers.

With Bipsync RMS, you can uncover latent opportunities, discover new trends and identify efficiencies with analytics and insights into current and past performance. The integrated system means research no longer exists in isolation; tie notes and data to projects and timelines, customize and standardize your processes, and track research from idea to investment.

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