Bipsync RMS Update: Release 63

Improvements to search performance, emails, PDFs and more.

The Bipsync Research Management System has been updated to release 63 (see previous release notes for 62, 61, 60, 59). This is a minor release, with a focus on improvements rather than new features. These include:

  • Improved search performance: the search returns results even faster.
  • Improved typography in notes exported to PDF, including smaller text, slightly tighter line spacing, and a reduced contrast footer.
  • Improved layout of notes emailed out of Bipsync that contain images or tables.
  • Preliminary support for the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • We introduced automated virus scanning for file uploads in version 61. In this release, an in-app notification is created whenever a potential problem file is detected.
  • Up/down arrow keys can be used to scroll PDF file previews.
  • Support for machine-learning based Company/Stock auto-fill when typing the title of a pipeline project, e.g. an Idea or an Investment title.
  • Separate default sharing settings for Web Clipper notes, so that you can specify that web clipped notes have a different default sharing state to the notes you create in Bipsync.
  • If you @mention someone in a comment, you’ll be warned if the user doesn’t currently have shared access to the note.
  • When you click a notification about a comment, the window will scroll down to the relevant comment.
  • Plus more than 20 other fixes and improvements.

Example of improved PDF Export from Bipsync RMS

An example of the improved PDF Export typography